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I want to be an ally: What can I do in my service?


Terri Smith (they/them) is a Canadian born, multidisciplinary artist residing in Naarm/Melbourne.

"It's never too late to learn. It's never too late to unlearn"

The text in the background is in the pattern of the LGBTQIA+ flag. The reference image is of my mother and I, opening books on Christmas morning. The image made me wonder "What if we read Bell Hooks instead of Disney?

What if we learnt about LGBTQIA+ (my) culture? How things may have been different for me growing up... What if we learnt about love and inclusivity? What if we learnt to celebrate difference instead of fearing it? And then I realized, I may have missed out on these integral lessons of love and inclusivity as a child, but it's never too late to learn and unlearn. Granted, being a member of the rainbow family forces us to unlearn so much in order to find and accept

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Peita_Lockdown_Bubble_60x60 (1).jpg

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Peita Innes Anderson (she/her), is a 43yo living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula VIC. Peita has been a creative her whole life but only picked up a paintbrush at 40yo. She’s self-taught, finds inspiration in nature and people she feels a connection with, and has a constant need to challenge and stretch herself artistically. Peita creates at a pace that fits in with her family.

“Lockdown Bubble”, Acrylic on Art Board

Lockdown Bubble reflects a childhood locked down, of innocence, of tears shed for a world forever altered…let the healing begin.
Instagram: @artbypeita

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