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JenJen is a neurospicy quirky individual, who is newly awakened into the awareness of not actually being straight. She is on a journey of self discovery and learning where her brand of whacky fits into human existence. A friend once described JenJen as looking like a My Little Pony spewed on her, and that is pretty accurate! Shiny, sparkly, rainbowy, fluffy things spark her joy. JenJen is absolutely obsessed with flamingos, and can spot them everywhere, like a dog can spot a squirrel! She lives with her teenage son, on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation.


Watch these webinars

Early Childhood Australia and Rainbow Families have created a series of webinars for early childhood, these are a great place to start!
Beyond the rainbow: Making a difference for all families


Peita Innes Anderson (she/her), is a 43yo living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula VIC. Peita has been a creative her whole life but only picked up a paintbrush at 40yo. She’s self-taught, finds inspiration in nature and people she feels a connection with, and has a constant need to challenge and stretch herself artistically. Peita creates at a pace that fits in with her family.
“Afternoons”, Acrylic on Art Board. The freedom found on an isolated beach in the afternoon sun.
Instagram: @artbypeita

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