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Welcome to our LGBTQIA+ community

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Helani Laisk (they/them) is a Canberra-born illustrator and multi-media artist, and graphic designer. Their practice involves drawing, animation, print, textiles, and interactive/participatory installation. Helani’s work verges on absurdity, playing with domestic association and metaphor to explore the interplay between fantasy and the lived experience.

"My home your home" This drawing is of a smiling figure whose torso is a colourful house with an open door. Their actions communicate that entrance is welcome to a smaller figure who walks through the garden towards the door. This work describes the gift of relational acceptance and trust. It describes the power, magic and vulnerability of choosing to let people into our lives and share our selves, and even allowing others to take refuge in times of need.



Sharon Stow (she/her) is a late blooming artist residing and working on the unceded lands of the Bunurong people.  She refers to herself as the Âûrtisan as she is also late discovered autistic/adhd. Sharon primarily works in Watercolour and photography, although her practice is ever evolving and new mediums are frequently attempted.

"Sunset" watercolour on paper

Sharon Stow instagram: @a_fine_art_beginner

Helani_ Growing_with_you (1).png


"Growing with you"

This drawing is of a colourful figure watering a flowering garden growing out of the head of a person who is in turn holding up the colourful figure in the palm of their hand. My illustrations draw heavily on visual metaphor, it is basically representing mutually supportive relationships. It's about the mutually beneficial situation between people who see each other, care for each other, and actively and respectfully support each other's growth. 

Helani Laisk

instagram: @helanilaisk

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