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Building Language and Learning

Learn how to build children’s evolving oral language capacities and thinking skills through every day play interactions and conversations. This program is helpful for children in the two years before school no matter their language capacity.


Building Resilient Children

Use a strength based approach to support each child’s unique resilience dispositions. Embark on a series of projects to support children’s belonging and connection; self-regulation capacities; agency and independence and self-compassion.


Building Secure Relationships with Children

Learn how to attune and respond to children’s emotions and learning capacities in the two years before school with sensitivity and respect using a Rights framework.


Conversations with
a Psychologist:
Promoting Children’s Mental Health & Wellbeing

Engage in collaborative conversations between a Clinical Psychologist and Registered Teacher (EC) to learn more about common presentations of children’s mental health and wellbeing struggles, as well as protective factors and multidisciplinary strategies that educational teams can introduce to better support children and their families through everyday early childhood practices, programs and environments.


Creating a Culture of Critical Reflection

Remove the myths and stress of critical reflection in ways that put the best interests of children and families at the centre through models, podcasts and network support.

Critical Reflection

Emotional Literacy for Children

Learn the purpose of, and how to support children to recognise, appropriately express and evolve their capacity to self regulate difficult emotions through your practice, program and environment

Environments to Support Cultural Inclusion

Dive deep into considering the environment as an intentional and purposeful teaching strategy for inclusive practice. Central to this program is the idea that every child, adult and family has unique culture. 

Cultural Inclusion

Promoting Oral Language through the Arts

Learn how to support children’s oral language development through a rich creative arts program which has been created by early childhood teachers and artists.

Oral language

Supporting Neurodivergent Children to Thrive

Learn how to offer early childhood programs and environments in which Neurodivergent children can feel a sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming. Offered as a suite of electronic and hardcopy resources which have been designed by Neurodivergent early childhood professionals and teachers.

Working with LGBTIQA+ Families and Their Children

Become an ally and advocate for LGBTIQA+ families and their children within your service by developing skills and confidence, getting your questions answered and receiving a practical toolkit with posters, best selling books that depict family gender and sexuality diversity and an e-resource delivered by early childhood teachers in collaboration with the LGBTIQA+ community.

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